Well Done, Governor Palin

Cross-posted from the Mason Conservative on October 2, 2008:

Well done, indeed.  Joe Biden is a political animal, and Sarah Palin got right in there with him and went after him hit for hit.  He did what he did, he went after John McCain and George Bush.  But Governor Palin got in there and proved she belonged with him.  And if she can hold her own against Joe Biden, she moped the floor with Barack Obama.  This debate was all about Sarah Palin, and in that prism she passed with flying colors.

It also proves that Joe Biden knows way, way, waaaaaaay more than Barack Obama; and he walked dangerously close to admitting it when talking about his role as vice-president.

Every single time Sarah Palin steps forward, good things happen.  There are four weeks left and its still close, perhaps the McCain campaign should remember that.  More than ever before, Americans feel disconnected from their representatives, and Sarah Palin seems to be the one person of these four running who people see as one of themselves.  She needs to be given a much larger profile than she has now.  Every time the lights shine, she does too.  And why do I always feel much better about the race when she steps up?

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