Jim Gilmore SLAMS Fed Bailout

Cross-poosted from the Mason Conservative on October 3, 2008:

According to the DCPost, Jim Gilmore in today’s debate with Mark Warner came out vehemently against the federal bailout of Wall Street (plenty of guys I bet Warner knows, too, and probably doesn’t mind throwing millions of dollars too).

Although it’s difficult to know how many people were watching, Gilmore delivered a strong performance by framing it as a contrast between two candidates with differing views of the bailout.

Gilmore come out strongly against the $700 billion plan, arguing in a concise way that it amounted to government run amok. Warner supported the bailout, saying it was needed to prevent economic turmoil. Warner tried to pin the need for Congressional intervention on lax oversight by the Bush administration and “greed” on Wall Street.

Warner noted that both Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama voted in the favor plan, prompting Gilmore to say at one point, “I’m not in this for John McCain, I am in this for the people on the other side of this camera.”

Thats what I’m talking about.  Its too bad nobody wants to talk about this race, especially on our side.  But for whatever is left, Jim Gilmore is still fighting.  This bailout bill is even worse the the one before because it became a typical DC-style Christmas Tree Bill.  And policy gains made by conservatives in the meat of the bill is zilched by the shame of using this bill for pork.  Gilmore is right to attack it, and I hope Republicans hear his words because Warner is in the tank for these big businesses.  He’s one of them.

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