Obama: Wanting to Pay Low Taxes is Selfish

At a recent rally, Barack Obama stated that opposing the higher taxes needed to support his socialist entitlements amount to making a virtue out of selfishness:

Video for an extended cut is here.

Of course, this is spoken by a millionaire who cannot even spread the wealth to his beloved aunt living in Boston public housing.  This is strange coming from a man who, in his own book, Dreams from my Father, states:

If Jane or Zeituni ever felt ill, if their companies ever closed or laid them off, there was no government safety net. There was only family, next of kin, people burdened by similar hardship. Now I was family, I reminded myself. Now I had responsibilities.

I guess that in order to be virtuous before Barack Obama, we need to pay higher taxes so that we can help the his impoverished aunt.  Obama will fulfill his responsibilities to his family by making us share them (even at the expense of our own).

Of course, do not forget Obama’s desire for the U.S. to pay taxes to the world, as exemplified by the 2008 Global Poverty Act.  Through this, we can all help Obama fulfill his familial responsibilities to his hut-dwelling half-brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama.

One last thing: if only the US press could have done as good a job as the British press in raising these questions.


5 Responses to “Obama: Wanting to Pay Low Taxes is Selfish”

  1. 1 Opie
    November 2, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Well, yes, it IS selfish and unpatriotic to cut taxes, or demand that our taxes be cut, while we are at WAR on TWO FRONTS. To cut taxes while spending $10 billion per month in Iraq and Afghanistan is nothing short of insanity.

    And except for the armed services and their families, NONE OF US has been asked to sacrifice one iota for this war. And no, slapping a “support the troops” sticker on your car or bellowing out Lee Greenwood lyrics does not count.

    If I have to pay slightly higher taxes, so be it, as long as I know our troops are adequately funded in the field and when they get home. I am prepared to make that sacrifice to make sure our troops are taken care of. If you are not willing to do so, then yes, you are selfish and unpatriotic.

  2. November 3, 2008 at 1:20 am

    Adequate funding for the military is not the premise for Obama’s proposed tax increases.

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