The 11th Commandment

Commonly attributed to former President Reagan, the eleventh commandment was stated by California GOP Chairman, Gaylord Parkinson in 1966 as:

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

In its historical context, it was a plea by conservatives to find common ground with Rockefeller Republicans.

Today, however, it is used as an insidious means to stifle debate.  This ploy usually rears its head during Republican primaries.


Reagan challenged a sitting Republican incumbant President.  It is time to stop using the eleventh commandment as a ploy to stifle substantive debate on the direction of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads and is struggling to define itself.  Do not fear this struggle because it is vital that we all engage in this struggle so that we can share ideas and forge a strong Party.  There is no other group to which this is more applicable than Republicans under the age of 50 whom:

  • will continue the fight against Islamic fascist terror;
  • will continue to pay for failing government social programs; AND
  • will bear the burden of liabilities imposed by trillion dollar bailouts.

The choice is clear: tuck your head in the sand while whining about the unpleasantness of internal Republican politics OR engage in the debate on the future of the Republican Party and your future as an American.  What’s it going to be?


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