Bailouts: The Clock is Ticking

Here’s an AP video regarding the situation in Chicago with the closing of Republic Windows & Doors:

THE SITUATION: Republic Windows & Doors is unable to secure credit from Bank of America to continue operations.  Republic Windows & Doors thus gave its union workers 3 days notice of layoffs instead of the 60 days required by law.

THE CONSEQUENCES: Union workers are demanding vacation and severance pay.

REPUBLIC WINDOWS & DOORS ARGUMENT: Bank of America will not let Republic Windows & Doors make payment.

UNION WORKERS’ ARGUMENT: Bank of America received bailout money for the purpose of extending credit to Republic Windows & Doors so that it can meet union workers‘ demands.

Do you see it coming?

The tidal waves of failing businesses and the endless demands for the bailout money to be used so that everyone can get theirs.  When is it going to end?

Will there be enough money?  Will we have to borrow more?  Will we have to print more?  Will our money even be worth anything?

Can labor laws, designed to protect workers, provide for a thriving economy?

Can government direct prosperity?  Should it?

Will we hit a point when it is too late to do anything?


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