Obama Seeks Republican Support for Porkulus Bill

FoxNEWS reports that President Obama visited Capitol Hill to rally support from Republicans for his $830 million stimulus package:

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill after meeting with the House GOP caucus, Obama said he is “absolutely confident” that compromises can be reached, “but the key right now is to make sure we keep politics to a minimum.”

“There is some legitimate philosophical differences with parts of my plans that the Republicans have, and I respect that. In some cases, they just may not be as familiar with what is in the package as I would like. I don’t expect 100 percent agreement but I do hope that we can all put politics aside and do the American people’s business right now,” he said.

Huh?  What sort of compromise is Obama seeking?  From who?  Republicans?

Democrats control Congress.  That is the result of the politics from the last election.  Obama does not really need the support of Congressional Republicans to push his pork-laden “stimulus” bill through.

Does he?

Obama is actually seeking political cover for a bill everyone knows will not help the recovery of the national economy.  Getting Republicans to go along with this abominable plan defuses it as a political issue so that it cannot be used against Democrats.

So far, Republicans appear to be opposed.  House Minority Leader Boehner voices some criticism:

“We have concerns that the plan that House Democrats are going to bring to the floor will not work,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner before the meeting. “And at the end of the day, our big move today will be to ask the president to help us. Help us make this plan better so that it will put Americans back to work.”

while Louisiana Senator David Vitter voices even stronger criticism:

“What I am going to say is, ‘Mr. President, I like the test you’ve set, which is what works, what actually creates jobs quickly, what can pick the economy up. The problem is neither the House nor the Senate bill being worked on now meets that test. In fact, they don’t come close to meeting that test,'” he said.

“It’s line after line after line of favorite liberal spending programs and it amounts to a big government bill not a job creation,” Vitter told FOX News.

Republicans need to oppose this stimulus.  We do not want Obama to suceed in this because this bill will not suceed in bringing about an economic recovery.


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