Bulova Has Nothing

Democrat Sharon Bulova wants to distract Fiarfax County voters from the $650 million Fairfax County budget shortfall she presided over as Chairwoman of the Fairfax County budget committee.

Bulova claims to have voted to cut property tax rates and reduce spending BUT under her:

  1. taxes have doubled
  2. Fairfax County has a $650 Million shortfall, larger than the shortfalls of Alexandria, Arlington, Loudoun, PrinceWilliam and the District of Columbia, COMBINED!
  3. Fairfax County has a $650 Million shortfall larger than the total budget of its Police, Fire & Rescue, Sheriff, Libraries, Parks, and Health Departments, COMBINED

The best Bulova can do is impute inexperiance on Pat Herrity by citing a 2007 Washington Post article from  BEFORE Herrity was elected Springfield Supervisor.

Bulova also falsely claims that Herrity missed votes on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors when the official minutes of the Board of Supervisors show that Herrity has NEVER MISSED a Board of Supervisors meeting while in office.  On top of that, Herrity has cast more votes in the last year than several other Supervisors, including former Chairman of the Board, Gerry Connolly.

Herrity has never missed a vote, and introduced a complete alternative budget in 2008 that included an actual tax cut.  Also, Herrity’s budget made sure to direct Fairfax tax dollars to the classrom instead of to a wasteful (but luxurious) $130 million school administration building.

Bulova has nothing but misrepresentations and the experience to tax waste those tax dollars.  On the February 3, 2009 special election in Fairfax County, vote for Pat Herrity.



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