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The Car Czar & More Government Bailouts

According to the Washinton Post, President Bush and Congressional Democrats have come to an “agreed concept” for the auto-bailout.  The “agreed concept” calls for:

  • “…government to spe[n]d $15 billion in emergency loans to the car companies as soon as next week…”
  • “…President Bush to immediately name a car czar to oversee the bailout…”
  • “…the car czar would be required to revoke the loans unless the companies proved by March 31 that they were implementing a plan to achieve “a positive net present value…”
  • “…if the firms fail to make progress, the car czar would be required to submit to Congress a new plan to restore them to financial viability, the official said, including the option of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.”
  • “If no plan for the long-term survival of the companies were to emerge, the firms would be ineligible for any additional federal assistance”

Has there been any agreement as to how the auto industry has gotten into this situation?

Some say it is over-priced labor; others say it is one-sided international trade; yet others say it is cumbersome government regulations.  Perhaps all of these factors have contributed to the problem with all of these factors having 0ne thing in common: government.  Government writes the labor laws.  Government signs international trade agreements.  Government writes the regulations.

With government at the root of the problem, it is difficult to see how government can devise an adequate solution.  There may be a legitimate argument that government has harmed this vital industry; but, even if this argument is accepted, is the best remedy a bailout, coming from U.S. taxpayers, which imposes a measure of nationalization for this industry?

More importantly, what is the Republican position?  Republicans already went along with $700 billion credit bailout (with $150 billion of pork on top).

Free markets, anyone?  Of course not…no one believes in those anymore,…isn’t that what got us here in the first place?   Besides, the global economy could not take the shock if a free market correction were allowed.  Of course, we should willingly suspend disbelief brought about by the implication that allowing a free market correction implies that we are currently not operating in a free market.

So what about it Republicans?  Do we have a coherent position?  Is it based on any principle that might form the corner-stone for our Party as we propose solutions to this continuing economic nightmare or are we still “position[ing ourselves] for fancy titles associated with a losing effort”?  If Republicans are looking to go along with more bailouts, are they still just looking for the best way to pander instead of leading us back to prosperity?

Maybe Republicans should just cave-in to the media’s demands for bipartisanship, join with the majority of the country, hope for the best, and beg for Obama to save us.

Save us from what?

From ourselves.


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Bailouts: The Clock is Ticking

Here’s an AP video regarding the situation in Chicago with the closing of Republic Windows & Doors:

THE SITUATION: Republic Windows & Doors is unable to secure credit from Bank of America to continue operations.  Republic Windows & Doors thus gave its union workers 3 days notice of layoffs instead of the 60 days required by law.

THE CONSEQUENCES: Union workers are demanding vacation and severance pay.

REPUBLIC WINDOWS & DOORS ARGUMENT: Bank of America will not let Republic Windows & Doors make payment.

UNION WORKERS’ ARGUMENT: Bank of America received bailout money for the purpose of extending credit to Republic Windows & Doors so that it can meet union workers‘ demands.

Do you see it coming?

The tidal waves of failing businesses and the endless demands for the bailout money to be used so that everyone can get theirs.  When is it going to end?

Will there be enough money?  Will we have to borrow more?  Will we have to print more?  Will our money even be worth anything?

Can labor laws, designed to protect workers, provide for a thriving economy?

Can government direct prosperity?  Should it?

Will we hit a point when it is too late to do anything?


$500 Million

Cross-posted from The Phoenix Caucus:

$500 million.

$500 million is the amount of the budget gap for Fairfax County.

$500 million is one number that all voters should have on their minds when voting in this February’s special election for Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. This $500 million budget gap is the legacy that outgoing Democrat Chairman and Congressman-elect for VA-11, Gerry Connelly, has left for Fairfax County.

Likely Democratic candidate and current Braddock District Supervisor, Sharon Bulova was the budget chair that presided over this abominable waste. In a County where homeowner taxes have doubled since 2001, ask yourself: are you better off?

Springfield Supervisor and Republican Candidate for Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of supervisors will act decisively to address the county’s $500 million shortfall by implementing sound fiscal policies and prioritized spending. Raising revenue will be based on growing the commercial tax base and not taxing homeowners. This February, the choice is clear:


War Heroes

Too often in recent history, Republicans have run war heroes under the false notion that their exemplary character allows them to deflect substantive policy accusations.  The pattern goes like this:

  • CANDIDATE: I’m _____________, I’m running for _______________, and I served __ years in the ___<<military branch>>___ (and fought in the _______war[s]).
  • OPPONENT: I respect Mr. _______’s service   The problem is, Mr. ______ supports ___<<ridiculously wasteful government expenditure>>___ and we just cannot afford it without wrecking our economy because…..
  • CANDIDATE: I have fought for this country for ___years proving that I love this country and that’s why you have to believe me when I say we need ___<<ridiculously wasteful government expenditure>>___.

What a great way to engage in a substantive policy debate?  Sound familiar?

This is how we get Presidential candidates making careers on opposing wasteful pork barrel spending only to support $150 billion of pork on top of $700 billion to address a perceived credit crisis.  That’s right, no talk of economic pros or cons, just: “I fought for this country and I am doing what’s best regardless of politics.”  So much for fighting for a country where we can have opposition politics over critical matters such as these.

This is not to say that we have no respect for war heroes.  We love our veterans.  We certainly respect their service, but if we expect to have strong candidates we must not let our candidates use military records as an excuse to disengage from substantive policy debates.   This tactic does the country a great disservice.

Finally, it must be noted that most Americans under 50 did not live through a draft (yet).  In light of the volunteer military, these Americans have a different view of the military and military serviceman than Americans over the age of 50.  These younger Americans view all politicians (former servicemen or not) with the same degree of skepticism and demand substantive arguments, not argumenta ad hominem.


The 11th Commandment

Commonly attributed to former President Reagan, the eleventh commandment was stated by California GOP Chairman, Gaylord Parkinson in 1966 as:

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

In its historical context, it was a plea by conservatives to find common ground with Rockefeller Republicans.

Today, however, it is used as an insidious means to stifle debate.  This ploy usually rears its head during Republican primaries.


Reagan challenged a sitting Republican incumbant President.  It is time to stop using the eleventh commandment as a ploy to stifle substantive debate on the direction of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads and is struggling to define itself.  Do not fear this struggle because it is vital that we all engage in this struggle so that we can share ideas and forge a strong Party.  There is no other group to which this is more applicable than Republicans under the age of 50 whom:

  • will continue the fight against Islamic fascist terror;
  • will continue to pay for failing government social programs; AND
  • will bear the burden of liabilities imposed by trillion dollar bailouts.

The choice is clear: tuck your head in the sand while whining about the unpleasantness of internal Republican politics OR engage in the debate on the future of the Republican Party and your future as an American.  What’s it going to be?


Bank Affirmative Action

Here is Andrew Cuomo admitting how HUD forced banks to make bad loans:

These were ultimately the bad loans that caused the implosion of the credit market.  These are the people promising to fix the very problem that they created.